Hydro Protocol and DDEX dropping ZRX for HYD! The forked token will be distributed freely to all registered Ethereum addresses starting January 17, 20:00 UTC on a 1:1 ratio!

Why are we forking ?

It's simple. Since our launch in January last year, our team has grown significantly, our protocol improvements have been successfully deployed and our first decentralized exchange - DDEX, has grown exponentially from just a few trading pairs to having multiple hydro-based relayers operating and seeing top volumes for trading, making DDEX one of the largest decentralized exchanges on the market.

The 0x Protocol and ZRX token have been used to run DDEX in its inception. But our demands have increased and our developers feel that forking 0x to Hydro Protocol will allow accelereted growth, better governance and fluidity for our product - the best Protocol for exchanging tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. We have decided to release our new open-source protocol and distribute the newly-created HYD token to our users, as a fork of the ZRX ERC-20 token.

New logo and typography

Moving on to the future

Hydro Protocol’s pipeline of smart contracts is designed to pull tokens directly from traders’ Ethereum accounts at the time a trade is executed (wallet-to-wallet trading). Transfer restrictions baked into a token automatically apply to all associated trades limiting trading activity to users with the same set of permissions.

The HYD token revamps ZRX's capabilities. It will act as the basic trading pair for DDEX, fee payments, voting rights, instant swaps between ERC-20 tokens, and also incentives and governance roles in the Hydro Protocol and DDEX Ecosystem. The best part is that it will be deployed as an airdrop for ZRX addresses, for free.

Claiming the HYD token

Every interested party can participate in the free distribution of the HYD token, starting January 17, 20:00 UTC. In just four easy steps, users are able to receive their share:

1. Visit our website and check the eligibility conditions.

2. Register an account.

3. Submit an Ethereum address containing ZRX.

4. Receive and unlock the distributed HYD tokens through Hydro Wallet or any supported Ethereum interface wallet.

Hydro is committed to provide the best protocol for exchanging tokens, tackling all the major issues associated with blockchain ecosystems that both users and projects still struggle with, such as liquidity, terminology, scalability, etc. We’re extremely excited to release more details soon, after the HYD token distribution!

Thanks for reading and for your support!